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Are we all destined to get lifestyle diseases?

Are we all destined to get lifestyle diseases

What you need to know about your genetic risk factors and healthy-ish habits, according to a doctor.

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Real talk – and sorry for the downer – but, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), lifestyle diseases are the world’s biggest killer. Not Zika virus or some undiscovered animal flu.

We’re talking heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer – all those chronic diseases you never want to tap you on the shoulder and say hi.

But do your MeatFree Mondays, green smoothies and 3 x weekly HIIT workouts, mean you’re in the clear?

That’s the question on the latest episode of our podcast Healthy-ish, now available for download, and we were surprised to hear what Dr Andrew Rochford had to say.

“If you are obese or overweight there is a very high chance that you have lifestyle diseases like pre-diabetes. So it’s pretty obvious, go get tested, figure out if you’ve got it, let’s change your diet, get you moving, let’s stop this before it becomes diabetes,” he tells co-hosts Maz Compton and Melissa Shedden.

“The tricky thing is for people who are ‘skinny fat’, or metabolically obese. In a line up, you wouldn’t pick them as the person with diabetes. What we’re starting to see now is how we process food, and this pre-diabetic metabolic syndrome, isn’t always determined by the amount of fat you carry. We need to be tested.”

In other words, don’t believe a slim build automatically means you’re healthy.

If you’re sedentary, if you don’t exercise, if you have a rubbish diet, and are generally unfit, but your outside appearance doesn’t point to any of those things – that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods,” he warns.

Dr Rochford, who got into medicine after experiencing his father, a type 1 diabetic, have a hypoglycaemic seizure in the middle of the night when he was 10-years-old, uses diabetes as an example – and it’s a compelling one, since 280 Australians develop the disease everyday, according to Diabetes Australia.

“It falls under the category of a silent killer. Diabetes or even pre-diabetes is one with no overt signs, which is why you can’t tell until you get tested – unless you taste your own urine because it gets very sweet.”

Understandably, that comment raised a squeal from Maz Compton, “there’s the quote, doctor recommends….”

For more on the signs and symptoms of Australia’s most common lifestyle diseases, and to hear the science behind plant-based diets as a treatment plan for lifestyle diseases from dietitian Lyndi Cohen, listen to Healthy-ish episode 10, brought to you by myBody+Soul and Priceline Pharmacy. Download now at Apple iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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