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Jessica Rowe on hormonal acne, antidepressants and farting in Pilates

Jessica Rowe On Hormonal Acne, Antidepressants And Farting In Pilates

She’s #craphousewife goals.

She’s the lady who started the #craphousewife trend, and despite her 69,000 plus Instagram following, and job as a Studio 10 TV presenter, the Solar D ambassador is not afraid to share that she’s just like every other normal human being. And when we say share, we really mean overshare.

Jess on her skincare routine

Think you have bad skin? Not to worry, Rowe still suffers with breakouts at the age of 47.

“I had terrible acne for many years and still struggle with breakouts,” she tells myBody+Soul.

While the mum-of-2 admits she takes the Pill to help her hormonal acne, she also swears by sticking to a well-oiled skincare routine.

Her picks include “using a serum and eye cream at night”, and making sure to cleanse thoroughly in the morning.

“When I wake up I simply wash my face with warm water in the shower, get rid of any leftover eyeliner with makeup remover and then moisturise with Hydrate.”

After learning the hard way how damaging the sun is, Rowe says the last but most important step of her morning beauty routine involves using Solar D Daily Face Sunscreen ($14.99,

“When I was a foolhardy teenager, I burnt my skin to a crisp, all in the pursuit of a tan. Once I reached my twenties I was far more sun smart.”

The TV personality also makes no apologies for “having sprinklings of Botox” since her late thirties.

Jess on mental health

If you’ve read her autobiography Is This My Beautiful Life, you’ll know Rowe’s life definitely hasn’t, and still isn’t, all rainbows and happiness.

So what’s her secret to putting on that sunshiny smile? A once a week Pilates class, laughing at her embarrassing moments, and prescribed medication to help keep her mind from capsizing.

“Working out is essential for my mental health. Once a week I do Pilates with one of my best friends. We hold our core, talk, laugh and try not to fart while we stretch and move our bodies.

“Weekly exercise helps me enormously. I also take antidepressants which help keep my mind on an even keel. Eating chocolate coated licorice in bed, while I read a Scanda-noir thriller on my Kindle is also a wonderful way of calming my busy brain,” she says.

Jess on outsourcing

If you’re stressed out over the never-empty washing basket or endless meal prep, you might consider giving yourself a break like Rowe.

The self-confessed “crap housewife”, whose signature meal is baked beans on toast, happily admits domestic duties are not her strongpoint.

“I’m comfortable having piles of stuff around as well as shoving any mess into cupboards. A marvelous mature friend of mind reminded me that you live in a home and not a showroom! I’m a huge fan of comedian Phyllis Diller who said, ‘Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?’ Luckily I have a cleaner who comes once a week to stop our house from becoming too chaotic.”

And her parting advice for perfectionist women striving to “live their best life”?

“No one is perfect. You are enough! Embrace your flaws and vulnerability. And sometimes despite your best intentions some days will just be crap! And that is okay too,” Rowe says.

Preach it.

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