A Detailed Review of the Apple Mac Pro

A Detailed Review of the Apple Mac Pro

The iMac Pro came in the limelight at WWDC back on June 5, 2017. It was later released in the market in December 2017 where the starting price was US$4999. Among its main selling points were its powerful Intel Xeon processor and the 5K video capabilities. The AMD Vega graphics, as well as the ECC memory, were other features which could be making it that popular. iMac Pro is basically a powerful and professional machine which is meant for professional users. It has amazing power and a bit higher price which will match its functionalities.

What is Apple iMac Pro?

iMac Pro is basically an all-in-one PC which is designed in a workstation model. It is manufactured and also sold by a renowned company by the name of Apple Inc. This machine actually came in the market back in December 14, 2017. As opposed to Mac Pro, Apple states that this iMac Pro happens to be the most powerful machine Mac ever made.

How Does Apple iMac Pro Work?

The test unit for the iMac Pro has been a midrange model. It was outfitted with some 10-core Xeon W-2150B that was able to handle a maximum of 20 processing threads every. Accompanying the processing power is equally impressive hardware. The memory is 128GB and has 2TB of storage. This machine is capable of putting even the top performers to great shame when it comes to the performance test. In essence, therefore, we say that this is one machine you can actually rely upon as far as execution of your day to day computing needs is concerned.


With its sheer power, the iMac Pro when compared to the common iMac, we can say that Apple has actually done magic. What they have done is to maintain the looks of iMac in an all-in-one device. All these impressive components have been located behind its 27-inch display. This, therefore, leads to some attractive, minimalist machine which appears great for any office or even studio.

Now that Apple keeps the body very thin just as it does to the effort, you are going to have a good time with this machine. All the careful design considerations have been involved in the design of this wonderful iMac Pro. At its edge, the iMac Pro has a thickness of only 5mm which means that it will not hog much space on the desk. It similarly comes in very light weight to guarantee that you can take it with you every place you go. The weight for this machine is essentially 0.7kg equivalent to 21.38 pounds.

Apple Mac Pro 

Key Features

  • 3.0GHz Xeon CPU
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2TB storage
  • uses macOS Operating system
  • it has a Weight of 21.5 pounds
  • AMD Vega 64 graphics

What Does it Cost?

This iMac Pro might appear like a standard iMac, but it has been made for the professionals. It has workstation-level hardware which will easily cover your daily computing needs. The good thing about the iMac pro is that it has a good price tag. In case you are an expert photographer or a game designer, then the iMac Pro will be more of some investment. The iMac Pro goes for $4,999 as it has been equipped with quality features. We have explained these features above which means that you will be getting value for your money.

Pros and Cons


  • Most powerful Mac in history
  • Features an excellent design
  • It remains cool


  • A bit pricey
  • It is not user-upgradable

Customer review 

If you are keen to read what users are saying about this machine, you will be happy about it. The amazing features for this machine will definitely push you to purchase it. The manufacturers themselves admit that this is one of the most powerful machines they have ever made.

The Bottom Line

Without any doubts, the iMac Pro has been the most superior Mac ever in the history of Apple. It features impressive functionalities across the board like the amazing 5K display and its powerful hardware inside. In case you require a professional workstation that has 3D work, it is this Mac which you ought to get. If you crave for an insane power amount which will plow through workloads, the iMac Pro will prove to be very effective. If we were to say something good about this Mac Pro, we would definitely say that this is the best desktop computer with impressive functionalities. From the description we have above, you can attest that the performance of this machine is way above average.


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