Best Flooring Company History and Services They Offer

Ever since its foundation in 1953, Best Flooring Company has been servicing homeowners with high-quality flooring service. This company was founded by Sidney Feldman when he felt that there was a need there was need of variety in the products available in companies dealing with floor installation. At that time, Best flooring company was known as artisan floor covering and was among the first companies for home builders in Indianapolis as discount carpet stores.

Over the decades, the name changed several times. In the year 2008, it becomes Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet when the Feldman family decided to open it as Big Bob’ flooring franchise. Today the company is no longer associated with Big Bob’s Flooring although it is still in the same hands. Combining Big Bobs franchise and Best Floor insights brings more than 300 hundred years of experience of providing high-quality service.

The company offers its clients with a wide range of flooring options to cover their needs depending on their specific needs and budget. The company also gives their clients unique services such as Best inspect service, which is a home inspection technique that eliminates all the installation issues before completing the project. The company also reviews each installation separately to ensure that your house gets the best flooring installation service you can ever get.

Today, the company has grown exponentially and has moved from its humble beginning in Broad Ripple to the more developed Northwest side of Indianapolis. Here the company has built a stat of the art warehouse that has the ability to meet the demands of today’s home Builder.

Now that you have the history of the Best Flooring Company let us look at the services and products that it has to offer. This company has the offers you are the best products and installation service of different flooring materials including stone, tile, hardwood, resilient vinyl, as well as they are also known as discount carpet stores. In addition the company also offers rug and window treatment services.

Because of the wide variety of flooring options in the market, it is not easy to pick the best choice. Visiting Best Flooring Company will help you in selecting the best choice depending on your budget and specific needs. The company has knowledgeable and experienced personnel who will always are ready to provide you with any form of assistance you need. Here are the options that the Best Flooring Company provides.

Stone and tile flooring

The company offers you with a large fun option of stone as well as tile flooring that will suit your demands. With the endless design possibilities available it is easy to find a design that can be arranged in beautiful patterns giving your house a modern and stylish looks. This flooring comes in two main options

  • Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile will give your home a unique texture and color that transforms the rooms to give them a more dynamic character that is either vibrant and energetic or calm and enchanting. The color and designs available are endless so you can pick the one that goes with your room décor with ease.

  • Stone

This is great flooring that gives your house an ethereal and natural feel. Stone are not only strong and stable but a durable flooring option that lives for many years to come. The stone flooring options include marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate among other.

Hardwood flooring

This is another high quality flooring offered by Best Flooring company. Today there are many hardwood flooring on the market, however, the type of wood used determine the quality of the floor. Some wood makes the floor to be resilient and scratchproof while other are very temperamental. Other wood types are better suited for pets while others are suited for areas prone to spills. Best flooring company offers you with various hard floors flooring with different finishes, style, width and other benefits for you to pick the one that suits your demands.

Laminate Flooring

This flooring resembles natural stone, hardwood, ceramic tile and other flooring. The only difference between laminate flooring and the stone or hardwood floors is that it is more affordable and easy to care for. However, it is not durable as the latter.

Vinyl Flooring

This option offers you with unbeatable choice when it comes to selection in value, selection, style, as well as ease of maintenance. The Vinyl flooring mimics the look of tile, stone and even styles that come with hardwood flooring.

Carpet Flooring

Being one of the best discount carpet stores, you also have the opportunity to choose from different carpets that comes with different styles, padding and fiber options.

Moreover, Best Flooring Company also offers with carpet and window treatment service to keep your house well maintained. If you are looking for floor installation and window treatment services at affordable prices, contact us today and we will be there for you!

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