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8 Best Sphere Ice Molds in 2022

If you’ve ever had a beverage at a high-end hotel bar or other expensive venue, you’ve probably seen the perfectly spherical ice spheres that bartenders use to serve spirits and cocktails. There are various reasons for this, including the fact that it keeps your drink cool without diluting or altering the flavor, and it looks quite attractive while doing so.

There are a variety of ice molds available for use at home, with differences in characteristics such as the number of cubes produced, the form of the cubes produced, and convenience of use. We consulted with ice experts to obtain their opinions on some of the greatest solutions available, and we sifted through many factors for you to consider. We’ve compiled a list of the best spherical ice cube molds on the market.

Best Overall: Houdini Tray Ice Mold

The Houdini tray ice molds are inexpensive and simple to obtain online. They produce mid-sized balls of ice that are ideal for a rocks glass with a single spirit or a savoring cocktail. Tiffanie Barriere, The Drinking Coach, says, “Houdini is the best for me.”

“The strong and thick silicone holds your ice in the right form while freezing, and it’s easy to pop out.” They’re simple to clean and stack.” These BPA-free, food-grade silicone ice molds may be used for a variety of purposes. These molds may be used to make a variety of candies or baked goods.

Best Budget: Glacio Large Sphere Ice Mold Tray

“I prefer to utilize separate ice molds, such as the Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Mold,” Dunne explains. “I prefer to freeze them by propping them up in a cooler.” If the cooler is large enough, I can accommodate up to six ice molds. You can obtain flawless directional freezing all the way through by drilling a hole in the end of the mold that doesn’t have a hole. There are no air bubbles and no hazy build-up.”

This collection of four sleek black ice molds is constructed of BPA-free silicone and can be reused several times without cracking. These also form 2.5-inch spheres that look great in a big Old Fashioned or rocks glass.

Best Tray: W&P Peak Silicone Sphere Ice Tray


This cult favorite from W&P Peak will produce four perfectly round ice spheres that are easy to store and pop straight out of the tray when ready to use. Do you want to improve your cocktail game? To make gorgeous ice spheres with a pop of taste and color, sprinkle herbs like mint or edible flowers into the water before freezing.

Best Single (Large): Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Tovolo’s sphere ice molds are exceptionally easy to use, with a no-fuss design that consistently produces excellent results. Simply fill with water, freeze, and you’ll have the ideal ice spheres for whatever drink you’re making. These molds are BPA-free and have a robust plastic bottom.


They can survive the wear and tear of daily usage. While this set includes two dishwasher-safe molds, you’ll probably want to buy a few more to ensure that you have enough ice while entertaining guests or relatives.

Best for Whiskey: Arctic Chill 2.5 Inch Sphere Ice Mold

These ice molds from Arctic Freeze are a wonderful alternative if you want to chill your whiskey without diluting it too much or altering the flavor. Each set creates two 2.5-inch perfectly spherical cubes that melt gently, ensuring that your dram remains cool while without losing taste.


These are simple to clean after use and take up little freezer space, so you can have a couple on hand for your next get-together. Make sure these trays aren’t overflowing with water. As water freezes over time, make sure there’s enough area for it to expand.

Best Easy-Release: Ice Genie Ice Maker

The nicest part about this Ice Genie ice cube maker is that it can produce up to 24 half-sphere cubes that are exceptionally easy to remove from the mold. The cubes aren’t perfect spheres and are on the tiny side, but this mold effectively replaces four standard ice cube trays and can offer adequate ice whenever you need it.


Simply press the outer chamber to release the ice, then store it in the inner chamber in your freezer or on a counter while entertaining. This ice maker can hold up to 72 regular ice cubes in addition to the 24 spheres it produces.

Best Unconventional Shape: LiyuanQ Ice Cube Trays

When you pour a drink with one of these floating within, it makes spherical ice with small spikes all over it, making for a fantastic conversation starter. The molds are also very simple to fill since they each have a little funnel on top that allows water to be put into them without spilling.


There are also buckles on the sides, so once you’ve filled it and snapped it shut, it won’t leak inside your freezer. This food-grade silicone mold makes spheres with a diameter of 2 inches and may be used to freeze juice and other liquids.

Final Verdict

Houdini is the most cost-effective and dependable spherical ice mold on the market. The cubes are easy to remove, the silicone is BPA-free, the shape is nearly perfect spherical, and you can stack them to conserve room in your freezer.

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