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Nowadays, purchasing food for man’s best friend, dog, has become an increasingly complex undertaking. People have become more sensitive to what they are putting in their bodies and this has also led them to become particularly keen what they are feeding their dogs. After all, they are part and parcel of our family. The rising demand for healthier and wholesome pet food is being reflected on the supermarket shelves with a myriad of choices to choose from, the only disappointment being that not all of these pet foods are created equally.

Today, there are new options such as “air dried”, “freeze-dried” and dehydrated foods. This poses a difficult task in trying to decipher whether these new buzzwords represent the same old kibble or entirely something different or better.

Chef’s Best Pet

Some individuals have taken the task of preparing raw meals for their dogs like throwing a chunk of meat occasionally. This might seem to be a fancy way of treating your dog, but is marred with innumerable limitations. The limitation with this mode of feeding is that it is not convenient, the food don’t have a long shelf life and it might need to be refrigerated which makes this option extremely expensive and unsustainable. Majority of dog owners have resigned themselves to dried food since it is more convenient and affordable. The only Herculean task is determining which one of these options really works since all claim to have amazing health benefits and convenience in their mode of preparation. Chef’s Best Pet Food is the quintessential food which has packaged and has tremendous ease of preparation.

To begin with, it is imperative to understand that various version of dried foods are not similar. As a matter of fact, only one variety of “dried” food actually retains majority of the nutrients from the original food from which the foods are made going by the name Chef’s Best Pet Food.

Dry dog food 

Kibble or dry dog food is canine food which is prepared and dried out of food pellet. The process of making this particular type of food involves high pressure popularly known as extrusion and high heat. The major setback of this process is that it turns out food which has very little or no nutritional value. These brands have very impressive ingredient list on their label, however the majority of the nutrients is destroyed during the process. During extrusion a process called “Maillard reaction” might occur which results in the formation of a cancer-causing chemical named acrylamide.

Dehydrated food

The Association of American Feed Control Officials refers to dehydrated dog food as food that has been freed of moisture using thermal means. This translates that moderately high heat must be applied so as to wick away the moisture and transform it to a dry product. Though relatively safer than the extrusion process, the nutritional value of the food is adversely affected by the dehydration process since heat breaks down vital vitamins and minerals.

Freeze-dried dog food 

Chef’s Best Pet Food is one example of this superior method. It is commonplace for individuals to confuse freeze-dried food with dehydrated food, but there is a very significant difference. The freeze drying process does not require intense heat to dry the food. The process involves removal of moisture by freezing the food, then taking the frozen moisture in a very mildly heated vacuum chamber.

The freeze drying process takes a longer duration and does not result in the structural change of the ingredients. The resulting food retains its original flavor and texture while the minerals, vitamins and enzymes remain intact making this type of food the closest thing to “raw food”.

The quintessential example of highly nutritious freeze-dried food is Chef’s Best Pet Food. Chef’s Best makes very nutritious meals for your dogs. This is close to preparing your pooch a meal physically from scratch. The key ingredients at the back of the Chef’s Best Pet food packet include beef liver, turkey, duck ground with bone, chicken hearts, sweet potato, carrots and many more. The greatest advantage of freeze dried food is the ease with which it can be re-hydrated back to the original state by adding water. The food retains its nutritional value, texture, color, and flavor.


Chef’s Best Pet Food represents the ideal solution for the individuals who want to feed their dogs on a raw diet but are limited by time and money. Additionally, the chef’s best is packaged in small, convenient, lightweight bags saving you the burden of dragging humongous bags of dog food from the supermarket. Chef’s Best pet food is prepared hygienically and you can rest assured that you are feeding your dog a good meal as if you prepared it yourself. For much more information, take a look at the Chef’s Best Pet Food product page.

To assist your dog to remain healthy Chefs Best is a perfect choice.



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