A Detailed Review of the Dell XPS 8930 

A Detailed Review of the Dell XPS 8930 

Anyone who likes street racing is aware that you should never assume what other drivers are rocking under the hood. For real, that family sedan might appear like it could get throttled by some Mustang. However, if in case you will be sporting a faulty engine, it might burn rubber. In a similar manner, Dell’s updated Edition rolls with a subdued style which seemingly belies its components in a compact design.

It comes with very unique features which we will look at shortly, but essentially, it is capable of keeping pace with the sportier looking desktops. To be precise, the XPS 8930 is a gaming desktop which will give you the performance you have always yearned for. It has been loaded with features which makes it surpass its competitors by far. This article is going to explain everything you need to know about this machine.

What is Dell XPS 8930?

Just as the previous versions, Dell XPS 8930 is basically a compact & upgradeable desktop which is capable of performing several functions. However, it is now faster now that it packs the latest Coffee Lake processor. This machine is made specifically for a few of people looking to join the PC gaming world. In essence, this isn’t a dedicated PC implying that it won’t go far in terms of the custom cases or even expandability options. This is however an ideal option for those families which are looking for some shared desktop. This will allow it to be used to work at the home office and also serve as a good gaming machine.

How Does Dell XPS 8930 Work?

Dell XPS 8930 features a desktop configuration which is known for its good performance. The reviewed unit comes with the recent 8th Gen Core i7 processor together with a quality graphics card. This processor features a Coffee lake architecture and is able to run at a maximum speed of 5.0+GHz. Basically, this is a great performing machine which will be a perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts.


Dell’s XPS 8930 has a unique design compared to other gaming PCs which you have come across. It has no perfect contours or polished edges. The machine is not also the type of machines with some flashing LED lights like gamer brands will have. It is basically a sleeper due to its matte as well as glossy finish. Although it may not be the desire of every gamer but it easily meets basic standards for the modest user. In essence, you will never be ashamed to use this gaming PC in front of onlookers. It would be right to state that its design fits well among some other home as well as office desktops.

 Detailed Review of the Dell XPS

Key features

  • 8th Gen Intel Core i7 (3.20 GHz)
  • 8 GB DDR4
  • The Hard disk has a capacity of 1 TB
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • No Screen

What Does it Cost?

Up to the point we have reached with these reviews, we are sure that you have seen the amazing qualities of this gaming machine. You have now made up your mind to purchase it and want to know the price, right? Well, this machine just goes for $1,099.99 which is affordable keeping in mind the amazing features it comes with.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an amazing internal design
  • Quality port options
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Proper base for expansion


  • Entry-level Intel CPU
  • Configurations lack SSD

Customer Review

If you have taken your time to read the online reviews about this gaming machine, nothing will hold you back from purchasing it. It packs amazing features which every gamer would like to see in their PCs. The people who have used it term as an excellent choice since it features quality graphics card which is essential for gaming. The hard disk drive has a capacity of 1 TB and it is an 8th generation machine. The processing speed for this machine is just excellent as well.

The Bottom Line

In case you are searching for desktop computers which will fit well within your bill for your computing needs, don’t look far as we got the perfect machine for that purpose. Dell XPS 8930 ticks in the right boxes for your home computing as well as entry-level gaming. The unit features amazing as well as the highest specifications. This is basically an 8th Gen Core-i7-machine with a quality graphics card. You can, therefore, be assured of perfect gaming time. Despite the fact that GPU prices are skyrocketing, this machine culminates these all with its outstanding budget price. As a result, this is among the best desktop computer which qualifies for the award of the best entry-level PC for gaming.


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