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Feel Full and Satisfied with 310 Shakes

Feel Full and Satisfied with Shakes

I’ve been wondering about all these claims about how 310 Shakes help people lose weight by making them feel full and satisfied. I’ve heard so many empty promises from weight loss product manufacturers that I was naturally skeptical, as I assume many people in today’s world are as well. With so much misleading marketing, it’s no wonder why folks don’t believe a good thing when it finally arrives.  

However, I believe that all things deserve at least one chance to prove their worth. After all, none of us ever know about the good stuff until we try it. While so many weight loss products help people shed unwanted pounds, they do nothing to sustain healthy habits that keep the weight loss. As for me, I needed something that helped me stay away from junk food cravings because, quite frankly, that’s my kryptonite.  

How the 310 Weight Loss Shakes Do Their Magic  

Although I won’t be the first to say that the product works wonders, I may be among the first to say how satisfied I was when using it. Most of the 310 Shake reviews I’ve come across say about the same thing: the shakes and detox teas helped the user or users stay away from unhealthy foods because, after ingesting them, those people felt no need to snack between meals.  

After lots of research, I discovered that the magic was due to the proprietary blend of scientifically-proven ingredients in each serving. As it turns out, proteins and fiber are responsible for helping the body function properly. Additionally, those ingredients are also helpful for making a person feel satiated, even when they haven’t eaten many calories. That’s a very good thing, especially considering that the 310 Shakes only contain 90 calories per serving. 

  • The Shakes Contain 15 grams of the brand’s patented Tri-Plex Proteins.

Recent research has shown that protein plays an enormous role in how the human body functions. Extremely important to the health of the digestive system, proteins give bodily systems the fuel it needs to work properly at optimal levels.  

  • The Shakes Also Contain 5 grams of Soluble Dietary Fiber.

Scientists and nutritionists agree that soluble fiber works wonders for helping folks feel full, not to mention it helps to detox the body of toxins and free radicals. The 310 Shake reviews I read said that this ingredient did a lot to help folks feel full between meals, and my experience was very similar.  

  • The Shakes Even Have 20 Different EssentialVitamins and Minerals.  

Although the shake’s main arsenal consists of protein and fiber, and while the caloric content is relatively low, the manufacturer apparently thought of everything. The shakes also contain plenty of vital minerals and vitamins that keep the body nourished even though you don’t eat much. I found this especially helpful, because my body was used to eating a very diverse diet.  

How Those Ingredients Help You Lose Weight 

The 310 weight loss shakes have been designed to work with your body’s natural functions, not against them. This product is finally the answer to my needs. After suffering from depression and anxiety for years, my eating habits have gotten the best of me. Without enough self-control to stop the habit on my own, I needed tons of help and it came in the form of a pretty good-tasting weight loss shake.  

You see, fiber works to create a satisfied feeling because it expands in the digestive system once it encounters excess water. Although water weight is shed by using this product, a lot more happens along the way as well. Because the fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling full for hours on end, your chances of choosing unhealthy foods because of those rampant cravings are drastically reduced.  

My Final Verdict on the 310 Shakes Based on 310 Shake Reviews

As a weight loss hopeful who has been trying to shed unwanted pounds for years without success, I was very relieved when I witnessed the unwanted fat on my body start melting off at a much quicker rate than I was used to. Best of all, my unhealthy food cravings and need to eat between meals were not counterproductive whatsoever, mostly because they no longer existed.

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How 310 Shakes Can Help You Lose Weight by Replacing Unhealthy Foods

How 310 Shakes Can Help You Lose Weight by Replacing Unhealthy Foods 

I’ve read a lot of 310 Shake reviews online, and pretty much all of them said the exact same thing: that the shake is perfect for people trying to lose weight because it helps them replace unhealthy foods in their diets that are making them fat. Since I am one of those people who often succumbs to junk food cravings, I had to find out more about how the shakes work. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why the product is becoming so popular.  

What I Discovered About the Shakes  

It turns out the 310 Shake reviews I found were all talking about the same thing. I discovered through my own research that the proprietary blend contained within each serving of the stuff consisted of ingredients that worked perfectly together to optimize the way the body handles food. Here is what I found out:  

  • The shakes all had loads of the brand’s patented Tri-Plex proteins.

Apparently, the proteins in the 310 Shake keep the body working at optimal levels alongside lots of other important nutrients needed to run smoothly.  

  • The shakes also contained lots of soluble fiber.

The fiber content in the shakes assist the digestive system immensely. When the stomach is full of fibrous ingredients, it feels full even though it hasn’t ingested lots of food.  

  • The shakes only had about 90 calories per serving.

With an extremely low-calorie content, most of the 310 Shake reviews also admitted that excessive weight gain was drastically limited, mostly because the product served as a healthy meal while restricting the user’s need for extra food.  

  • The shakes contained no sugar whatsoever.

Unlike many of the other weight loss products on today’s market, these shakes have no sugar or fructose – an ingredient studied and found to be responsible for unwanted weight gain, premature aging, and certain preventable diseases.  

  • The shakes didn’t even have gluten or dairy in them either.

I thought the fact that the 310 Shakes contained no dairy or gluten was a terrific thing, most notably for folks who have allergies or blood sugar control problems. In addition, the exclusion of said ingredients made the product extremely safe for most people, young or old.  

How the Shakes Replace Unhealthy Foods  

When we get hungry after or between meals, we tend to snack on unhealthy foods that have been prepackaged for convenience. However, when we feel full and satisfied by what we just ingested, it’s less likely that we search for those unhealthy conveniences. Since the 310 Shakes give the user that much-needed satiation, the product is ideal for craving control. For me, that was certainly the case.  

The Shakes Didn’t Give Me a Bloated Sensation  

I know what most people are thinking. A product that, upon ingestion, makes you feel full and satisfied without calories or sugars is likely to make you feel bloated and miserable. That wasn’t how it went at all. In fact, most of the 310 Shake reviews I found online made the same claims.  

The Shakes Kept Me Feeling Energetic, Not Jumpy  

Because of the high content of soluble fiber and proteins, the shakes gave me plenty of energy to sustain myself throughout the day and in between meals, even though there were very few calories in it. However, I didn’t feel jittery whatsoever, which was a pleasant surprise after trying all those other weight loss products that had me feeling tweaked.  

The Shakes Increased My Metabolism  

Meanwhile, these weight loss shakes went to town on my metabolism quickly. Almost immediately upon ingestion, I noticed a few things that indicated my sped-up metabolism:  

  • I began to urinate a lot more.  
  • I also had a significant increase in healthy bowel movements.  
  • I sweat a bit more than usual.  
  • I started losing weight more quickly than before.  
My Conclusion About These Weight Loss Shakes  

Overall, the 310 Shake reviews I read told the truth about the product: the shakes help people lose weight quicker by replacing unhealthy meals with a substitute that increases metabolism, makes the stomach feel more satisfied, and prevents that annoying bloated feeling. Moreover, it contains very few calories and none of the most common allergens; it tastes pretty good too.

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The Best Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss that Contain Natural Ingredients

The Best Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss that Contain Natural Ingredients

Did you know that the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are sometimes not the loudest when it comes to making marketing noise? Yeah, that’s right, more often than not, they are least represented on your screen and can easily pass for poor quality. However, embarking on a journey to find out the ingredients in some of these shakes will leave you in awe of how much you’ve been missing out on by giving them a cold shoulder. 

Most people are of the opinion that shakes are just for those in the bodybuilding industry, but they cannot be more wrong. Meal replacement shakes are beneficial to those trying to lose weight as well as those who are trying to achieve fitness goals. It is a proven fact that shakes offer additional advantages over traditional solid foods, which include: 

  • Automatic portion control
  • Convenience of preparation
  • Ability to keep you full for a longer period
  • Appetite-suppressing
  • Time-saving
  • Ease of mobility

How to identify the best shakes 

If you are like me and prefer to take your time to analyze before making a decision, this is for you. Not everything that claims to work is worth trying! It is prudent to only pick and stick to what is actually beneficial to you. Just like most products we use, shake preference doesn’t cut across the board. The choice is dependent on need, taste, and financial access. 

Having said that, below is a list of qualities that make the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss worth buying: 

  • Contains proteins 
  • Contains fiber 
  • Has vitamins & minerals included 
  • Contains healthy fats  
  • Has a low sugar content 
  • Contains little to no additives 
  • Contains an appropriate number of calories depending on your diet plan 
  • Has probiotics 

However, if you are all about nature and prefer that every single one of your food items comes totally natural and unprocessed, here are a few options to look at: 


Simple, yet heavy with nutrients, is the ideal term to define a Purition shake as it contains nothing apart from real food. If you have been looking to replace your solid food with an actual liquid alternative, then this is the way to go. Cocoa, chia seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, strawberry and sunflower kernels are some of the ingredients notorious for making this formula.  

There are a total of six varieties to choose from and they include: strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, coconut, almond, and lastly, macadamia & vanilla. Each is packed in a 500-gram bag, an amount enough for 12 servings.  

These shakes are compatible with a gluten-free diet, yeast free diet and a vegan diet since they are made from plant proteins. We will go ahead and examine the components of one, preferably the pistachio flavored shake…it sounds delicious if you ask me. Below are the nature-derived ingredients it contains; hopefully, this helps paint the picture: 

  • Sunflower kernels, Whey Protein Isolate, Golden Linseed, Almonds, Coconut, Pistachios(which make 10% of the formula), Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, Nutritional Yeast, Apple Pectin, Sesame Seeds, Psyllium Huskand Steviol Glycosides. 

Precision has been used to balance out the ingredients so that they provide the body with the vitamins, fiber, protein and whole foods it needs to be able to work optimally. 

Svelte Organic by Cal Naturale 

Designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind, Svelte organic protein shakes are great for pre-and post-workouts. Additionally, they double up as a refreshing drink for anyone looking to improve their general health.  

Svelte organic shakes are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. They are available in a variety of flavors, namely: spiced chai, cappuccino, chocolate, French vanilla and banana crème, and are all made from non-GMO soy milk. These ready-to-drink shakes are packed in a convenient 11 or 16-ounce closable tetra pack that can be easily carried in your bag if you have an on-the-go kind of lifestyle. 

A look at the ingredients listed in one of these flavors, the banana crème organic shake, reveals what makes it a tasty wonder: 

  • Organic soy milk, organic banana puree, organic rice syrup solids, natural flavors, organic inulin, organic gum acacia, vitamin & mineral blends, Xantham gum, organic dried cane syrup, organic guar gum, sea salt, organic turmeric extract and organic stevia extract.

Each serving contains: 

  • 11grams of protein
  • 180 calories
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 6 grams of stevia
  • Complex carbohydrates to sustain your energy


Everything your body needs is readily available inside the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss; you just need to take a closer look and find the best one for you.

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The Best Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss That Offer a Money Back Guarantee

The Best Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss That Offer a Money Back Guarantee

Have you gone through all the reviews of popular shakes in the market, yet still feel dissatisfied with the available information? Do you wish you could get something more hands-on to help you finally make a decision? If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on to find out what the solution to your predicament might be. 

To see is to believe and sometimes having an experience of your own is much better than reading about someone else’s. There are so many brands in the market which claim to possess the qualities of a magic bullet. In order to access all the benefits that the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss have to offer, you must separate the wheat from the chaff.

How do you do that? By testing of course… 

First things first 

I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if l failed to point you in the right direction, now would l? l will explain to you the means through which you can achieve this, as well as a few products you can start with. I am aware that a majority of diet shake manufacturers are big on advertising yet very small on sample/test product distribution. 

In spite of this challenge, a solution is available in the form of money back guarantees that are designed to establish the credibility of a company among its consumers. As a result of such features, customers now have an avenue to show their dissatisfaction with products by returning them if they do not meet their standards and asking for a refund. 

This small, yet effective aspect prevents you from getting stuck with stuff you don’t need, as it presents the opportunity for maximum testing at minimal costs. However, it is important to note that each company has its own set of requirements through which you can qualify for a refund. When these stipulations are not met, then you do not stand a chance. 

The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss with a money back guarantee 

It might take you a lifetime to go through all the brands currently in the market, so here are my favorite three to help narrow down your search. 

  • 18 Shake

Famous for its all-natural nutritional profile that helps in building muscle and preventing hunger, 18 shake comes in two flavors (vanilla and chocolate) that provide for variety in taste. It works by suppressing your appetite with the help of fiber which also keeps you full longer so you don’t have to eat in between meals. 

It contains a low sugar content and a blend of minerals and vitamins beneficial in increasing the body’s metabolism, a key recipe for weight loss. The best part is that each bag has a three-year shelf life and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

  • Vega One

It can be used in a variety of ways depending on your preferences. Vega one can be used to make your favorite shake by simply mixing it with juice or water, blending it with your favorite smoothie, or baking with it by swapping a portion of flour with the powder. Even better, is that it is made from non-GMO, plant-based ingredients that promise to serve up a galore of nutritional value. 

The presence of probiotics in this shake further cements Vega One’s agenda of providing your body with what it needs to achieve your health and fitness goals. By regularly consuming probiotics, your gut system gets to improve and flourish, which translates to a better digestive and immune system. 

Vega One comes in a variety of flavors such as: Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, Berry, Natural, French Vanilla, Mocha, Coconut Almond and finally, Unsweetened Natural.  

  • Ideal Shake

Slendesta, an ingredient extracted from potato protein has properties that make Ideal Shake unique in its goal to suppress hunger. More importantly is that you can comfortably drink away this nutrition packed weight loss shake if you are on a low-sugar diet, as it contains a lower sugar content compared to other shakes.  

Additional ingredients like fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins provide your body with the daily nourishment it requires to function properly. It also comes in diverse flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cookies n cream, strawberry, and last but not least, salted caramel. 


The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are basically yours for the tasting, if only you will pick up your phone and make that order. You will never know until you try. Just remember, you have nothing besides pounds to lose. If that doesn’t motivate you, l do not know what will.

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Sydney dentist says you’re approaching oral hygiene all wrong

Sydney Dentist Says You’re Approaching Oral Hygiene All Wrong

Have you been getting the right advice?

This story originally appeared on and is republished here with permission.

It’s the staple of dental hygiene. Brush twice a day — for at least two minutes — morning and night.

But a Sydney dentist claims that brushing isn’t the answer when it comes to impeccable oral hygiene, and that we should actually be focusing on our nutrition rather than cleaning and flossing.

Dentist Dr Steven Lin, who has been practising for almost a decade as a dentist, believes that the mouth-body connection is the best way to monitor our health — and that our diet is the cause of many problems in our mouth including rotten teeth to inflamed gums.

“Most adults, and almost no kids, brush and floss properly,” Dr Lin told

“It’s superficial, and while it’s a fine way to polish teeth, brushing is like taking a car with a broken engine to the car wash. It cleans but it doesn’t address problem.

According to the Australian Dental Association, we should “brush for at least two minutes morning and night, using a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head and a flexible neck”.

But according to Dr Lin, because brushing is something we’ve only been doing in the last few decades, we need to go back a diet fuelled with fats, vitamins D, A and K2 to keep our mouth in check.

“Harmful foods that we eat are what fuels disease in the mouth,” he said. “Vegetables oils and white flour are refined carbs, so anything with white flour has a very similar metabolic effect to sugar by creating cavities.

“Over time, we have stripped out foods that promote healthy teeth — like butter, meats, yolks and full fat dairy. If you don’t include these types of fats in your diet, you lose the ability to absorb those vitamins.”

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in 2010, 55 per cent of six-year-olds had experienced decay in their baby teeth, and 48 per cent of 12-year-olds had experienced decay in their permanent teeth.

In 2013, 16 per cent of adults with natural teeth had experienced toothache in the previous 12 months and 27 per cent reported feeling uncomfortable about their dental appearance.

Dr Lin said while there had been a shift from the ‘low fat’ movement since the early 2000s, there has been a shift towards a more functional model of oral health maintenance — including the elimination of mouth wash.

“I would never recommend mouthwash, it’s like throwing a grenade into the mouth” he said.

“Bad breath is a problem with microbiome in the mouth and mouthwash takes no consideration to microbiomes.

“Thousands of bacteria live in the mouth, and we have become so focused on scrubbing them away, we don’t consider what should and shouldn’t be there — it just wipes out everything.

“To get down to the body of the problem is to feed the probiotic bacteria, and bad breath is a sign of imbalance in the microbiome bacteria.

“That’s why eating for a healthy mouth is for a healthy body as well, and if we eat foods that give us healthy teeth, it’s what our bodies need as well.”

Everything from plaque, bad breath and irreversible bone loss will account for why you should be making those dreaded visits to the dentist. WSJ’s Angela Chen explains. Photo: Getty

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Ask a GP: Why do women get more UTIs than men?

Ask A GP Why Do Women Get More UTIs Than Men

A doctor explains the science behind bladder infections.

You know what’s going on from the moment it strikes. There’s the feeling you need to pee – even though you just emptied your bladder.

When you do go, it burns, like you’re peeing out razor blades.While it hurts like mad, you’re actually only producing a small amount of urine. And then, as soon as you’ve flushed, there’s the urge to go again.

You might have pain just above your pelvic bone, and may even have blood in your urine (though you might not be able to see it). Yep, it seems like you’ve been struck by another dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI).

If you’re a sexually active female, chances are you’re well acquainted with the symptoms of a UTI. According to Better Health Channel, around one in two women experience at least one UTI in their life. That’s heaps more than men, with only around one in 20 of them experiencing a UTI in their lifetime.

So why do our male counterparts miss out on this unpleasant infection, while it seems to plague women so much more often? Let’s take a quick peek at anatomy to find out…

The tube that leads from the bladder to the outside is known as the urethra. In men, the urethra is around 15-20 cm long while in women it’s around 4 cm. So for an infection to travel up the urethra in a male and make it to the bladder, it has a lot further to go. For women, on the other hand, bacteria only has a short distance to travel to get inside.

Aside from being female, there are other factors that put people at greater risk of developing a UTI. For instance, people who have urinary catheters in place, those with diabetes and young babies are also at greater risk of infection.

But don’t stress; there are ways you can reduce the risk of developing a nasty UTI.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. After peeing, make sure you wipe from front to back. If you wipe the other way around you risk bringing faecal matter into your urethra, which increases your risk of infection.
  2. When it comes to sex, avoid spermicide-containing products and always try to pee after intercourse.
  3. Staying hydrated is another way to avoid developing UTIs by ‘flushing’ your urinary system.
  4. When you feel the urge to pee, try to get to a bathroom soon, rather than holding on for too long. (Mind you, that doesn’t mean peeing ‘just in case’, which can train your bladder to go more often than necessary).

Cranberries may also help reduce your chances of developing a UTI, but the research isn’t clear-cut.

If you think you have a UTI, head straight to your GP. He or she will test your urine and advise whether you need antibiotics and, if you do, which one to use. Don’t start antibiotics without seeing your doctor first as this can breed antibiotic resistance.

It’s important to treat UTIs early, to prevent the infection from spreading up the urinary tract to the kidneys, where it can cause a much more severe infection and possible complications. Symptoms of a kidney infection (pyelonephritis) can include fever, chills and low back pain. If you have a UTI and develop any of these symptoms, seek medical help asap.

Drinks that neutralise your urine (like Ural sachets, which are added to water) can help make urinating less painful. But avoid soft drinks and juices and drink plenty of water instead.

Sure, you probably want to avoid filling your bladder if you have a UTI (because you want to avoid the discomfort that comes with peeing), but it’s important to stay hydrated.

While there are ways you can reduce your chances of developing a UTI, the truth is that women are more likely to get these types of infections than men.

Just another ‘perk’ of being female… Sigh.


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Can over-exercising cause gut issues?

Can over-exercising cause gut issues

As a generation fixated on wellbeing, we’ve been so busy imbibing the benefits of exercise that we’d be stunned from our sunnies to our sneakers to think there would ever be anything wrong with breaking a sweat.

Well, hold onto your activewear, a doctor in the US has come out with some interesting information that claims overexerting yourself can actually damage your health. Specifically your gut health.

If you’ve ever been baffled as to why you feel bloated, or can’t shed those few extra kilos, despite eating organic and battling it out at morning boot camps, your very efforts to stay fit and healthy may be the culprit.

Based on a study about the effect heavy exercise has on the gut, you may be unknowingly suffering with gut issues despite ticking all the right boxes when it comes to wellness. “They don’t realise how overexercise can stress the body and deliver a whammy to their digestion,” says Dr B.J. Hardick of those of us pushing fitness boundaries.

The intestinal barrier is designed to keep food particles and toxins at bay, but according to Dr Hardick, a body stressed from too much exercise makes it susceptible to damage and loosening that causes the nasties to leak into your blood stream. This triggers an immune response that increases the risk of autoimmune disorders and metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. It may also affect your mood and lead to depression.

“Your intestinal barrier keeps out food particles and other things that shouldn’t go through, but when it becomes loose, things not intended to get through the wall suddenly do,” says Dr.Hardick. “What results is intestinal permeability, more commonly called leaky gut.”

So, what to do? For those of you going hard and fast with your sweat sessions, consider a rest day. Giving yourself time to recover is often the secret weapon to a happy and healthy mind and body. And there is nothing wrong with lightening your load, a stretch class can achieve great results and put your body in a Zen space, as opposed to the breathless frenzy.

Add to that a diverse and balanced diet, a good night’s sleep and minimising your stress levels, and your body (and gut) will respond positively – think elevated energy levels, trim and toned physique, and glowing skin.

Watch Kayla Itsines demonstrate a range of different burpee variations. These are her go to exercise for 2016.

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Scientists have found a link between migraines and anxiety

Scientists have found a link between migraines and anxiety

Plus how to stop the vicious cycle. 

Intense throbbing, dizziness, and nausea are effects you’ve probably endured if you’ve been victim to a migraine attack.

But if you’re experiencing migraines more often than expected, you might want to start off with finding a solution to calming your anxiety.

A National Defense Medical Center study found that migraines are linked to the severity of bouts of anxiety and depression.

The scientists tested a group of 588 participants who were patients of a headache clinic, and found that the worse their anxiety and depression symptoms were, the more frequently they had migraines. Oh. Talk about a stress headache.

Researchers also found that restless sleepers were more prone to headaches and migraines. Just another reason to get some decent shut-eye every night.

On a more positive note, there is still hope to banishing those terrible migraines. The authors suggested that if migraines are treated ‘preventatively’, you’re less likely to experience anxiety and depression as severely and frequently.

So how exactly can you do this?

The preventative treatments you need to know

While painkillers might be your go-to solution when your migraine is present, these healthy lifestyle tips can help in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines:

  • Establish a regular sleeping pattern, making sure you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Eat at the same time every day, making sure not to skip meals
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar or caffeine – such as aged cheese, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol
  • Exercise regularly, but not too vigorously
  • Try meditation or yoga to calm your mind and relieve stress
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid too much technology time

What causes migraines and headaches?

There are four stages of a migraine: prodrome, aura, attack and post-drome, however not everyone experiences all of them.


This occurs one or two days before a migraine and effects can include:

  • Constipation
  • Mood changes
  • Food cravings
  • Neck stiffness
  • Increased thirst and urination
  • Frequent yawning


The effects are usually visual or sensory disturbances that build up over several minutes and can last for up to 20 to 60 minutes. Symptoms can include:

  • Vision loss
  • Pins and needles
  • Weakness or numbness in the face or one side of the body
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Hearing noises or music
  • Visual phenomena
  • Uncontrollable movements such as jerking


The frequency of the attack varies from person to person, but you may experience:

  • Blurred vision
  • Light headedness
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch
  • Throbbing or pulsing pain
  • Pain on both sides of your head


You may feel drained and washed out after a migraine attack, and can experience the following for about 24 hours after the attack:

  • Confusion
  • Moodiness
  • Weakness
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Dizziness

If you’re experiencing frequent or severe migraines, keep a diary of your attacks and schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Migraines can be an incredibly painful experience but is there a cure to help ease the pain?

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Hair dyes could raise your risk of breast cancer

Hair dyes could raise your risk of breast cancer

An alarming new study has found women who dye their hair could be putting themselves at risk of developing breast cancer.

Image: iStock

This article originally appeared on The New York Post.

Women who frequently dye their hair may be at greater risk of contracting breast cancer, a new study found.

Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast cancer surgeon at the Princess Grace Hospital in London, reviewed studies on links between hair dyes and breast cancer and found a 14 per cent increase in the disease among women who coloured their hair, according to the Sunday Times.

“Although further work is required to confirm our results, our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk,” his study concluded.

Women should dye their hair only up to five times a year, and use products with natural ingredients, such as beetroot, he suggested.

In a separate study, Finnish researchers found that women who use hair dye were more likely to develop breast cancer, but said it’s unclear if the products were the direct cause of the disease.

“It might be, for example, that women who use hair dyes also use other cosmetics more than women who reported never using hair dyes,” said Sanna Heikkinen of the Finnish Cancer Registry.

Haircare professionals suggest that women touch up their hair colour every four to six weeks.

Dancer Amrita Hepi takes you through a stretching routine you can do in the office

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How to select the right HIIT workout for you

How to select the right HIIT workout for you

20 minutes and you’re done. Stat.

It’s the four letter word that might send you running in fear, but once you try a HIIT session, you’ll never look back.

And if you’re one who’s still using the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse, it’s definitely about time you scheduled in a HIIT quickie.

Unsure of where to start? Not to worry. Head Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training, Clint Hill, has done (half of) the hard-work for you.

Simply put, to increase your cardiovascular fitness, stick to a cardio routine. And if you’re looking to build muscle, muscular endurance routines are the way to go.

But if weight loss is your aim, Hill recommends incorporating a mixture of weight and cardio sessions.

“As a rough guide, I recommend completing two weight sessions and two to four cardio sessions each week.”

To make it even easier for you, Hill has put together a cardio and weight HIIT session that’ll only take 20 minutes out of your day to complete. Take a picture of it, memorise it, print it off – there’s really no excuses now.

Cardio routine

You will need: Stairs or a step. If you have stairs inside or at a park nearby with at least 10 steps, you can utilise these, or alternatively can substitute stairs with a stable chair

Workout aim: to keep your heart rate in the aerobic to anaerobic zone (usually 139-192bps but varies depending on age) during periods of work.

Round one

  1. Run/walk up and down the stairs (30-40 seconds)
  2. Body weight squats (20 seconds)
  3. Run/walk up and down the stairs (30-40 seconds)
  4. Push ups (20 seconds)

Repeat this round three-four times (until you hit 10 minutes)

Rest for one minute

Round two

  1. Run/walk up and down the stairs (30-40 seconds)
  2. Squat jumps (20 seconds)
  3. Run/walk up and down the stairs (30-40 seconds)
  4. Lying leg raises (20 seconds)

Repeat this round three-four times (until you hit 10 minutes)

Workout complete!

Muscular endurance

You will need: Small set of dumbbells or a kettle bell. For the moderately fit, I suggest two 5kg dumbbells or a 10-12kg kettlebell. If you’re looking to purchase weights, choose a weight that challenges you but where you can still achieve 10 repetitions of an exercise.

Workout aim: Work the muscle into fatigue.

Round one

  1. 12 x reverse lunges on each leg, holding dumbbells on each side
  2. 12 x dumbbell shoulder press
  3. 12 x Burpees

Repeat this round three-four times (until you hit 10 minutes)

Rest for one minute

Round two

  1. 15-20 x goblet squat, holding dumbbell in front of your chest upside down
  2. 15-20 x bent over row bend from hips with a straight back and pull the dumbbells into your stomach
  3. 12 x burpees

Repeat this round three-four times (until you hit 10 minutes)

Workout complete!

Note: If you’re finding this too challenging, incorporate a 40 second rest period after each round. Alternatively, if you’re looking to advance the exercise, decrease your rest periods.

Game of Thrones workout by Bodyism’s James Duigan.

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