National Chocolate week: Top tips to taste chocolate better

National Chocolate week Top tips to taste chocolate better

It sometimes seems like there’s a national day or week for almost everything – but National Chocolate Week on 9 – 15 October is certainly one to circle in the calendar.

To celebrate, one of the Godiva chocolate experts, Domenico D’Amore, reveals top tips to taste chocolate better.

In this video, the Godiva London flagship store manager starts with a common mistake with chocolate.

“Never put your chocolate in the fridge,” he said.

Storing precious chocolate in the fridge is a big no-no, as it impairs the flavour. If you have already made this mistake, best to take the chocs out of the fridge and allow them to warm through to room temperature for at least half an hour before eating.

“Don’t rely on descriptions to choose your chocolate,” is his next tip.

“It’s better to read the descriptions after you have tasted the chocolate, not before. The surprise of flavours will make you think more about each bite and what you are tasting – you’ll get so much more out of the experience, and may even discover a new flavour you like,” he added.

And finally, Domenico’s last but definitely the most difficult one to follow: “eat one piece at a time.”


Top tip: eat chocolate one piece at a time

While it may be tempting to finish a whole block in one sitting, the chocolate will be more enjoyable one piece at a time according to the expert.

“Take a small piece and let it melt in the mouth for five to six seconds – wait for it to spread around the mouth, and then chew. Keep the mouth closed and breath in through your nose – this empowers all of the senses for the most enjoyment,” he said.

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