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How To Make Time for Self-Care While Working From Home

Many things were learned from the pandemic. One of them is how to manage change. Another significant one is that working people need to be healthy to be able to perform quality work. So, it would be great if you learned the importance of self-care.

It must be recognized that working from home makes it easier to reconcile personal and professional life. In addition, it favors flexibility at work. It also saves time by avoiding commuting.

There may also be aspects to the detriment of the worker. For example, sometimes more hours are worked, for which experts recommend that limits should be established. The limits are put to overcome possible situations that can generate additional stress to the worker. There are several factors to consider, and one of them is self-care. Self-care is fundamental to feel good and have a relaxed life. This includes all aspects of one life biological, psychological, cognitive, and social aspects.

What is Self-Care?

Taking care of oneself means asking what I need and answering honestly. It can be as simple as going to bed early after a long day at work or as complicated as studying the habits we have acquired and their long-term effects. Taking care of ourselves means realizing our needs. Whether our needs are physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual, all need to be cared for. All of this must begin first and foremost with recognizing that we are responsible for our well-being.

All of this is crucial beyond the particular context of our family and community. They are not solely responsible and interconnected to each other. But when those around you are happy, it is better for you. The environment or context of interpersonal relationships will promote comfort and well-being.

Now we have a definition: self-care is the set of measures taken to help us. It helps us to maintain mental, physical, and emotional health. With that in mind, a massage can be a form of self-care. But it can also be a walk, a chat with a friend after a hard day at the office, or just not going to an office. It can also be a party to crawl under the covers, with a book to read and sleep.

Self-care is relative: just as we are all unique, self-care is different for each of us. The way you take care of yourself is not the same way someone else takes care of themselves. Self-care also varies from day today. Sometimes we need a moment to be still and think. Other times we need to exercise, be with family and friends, or play sports.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-care teaches you to say no to things that go too far. In addition, it also teaches the importance of devoting our time to the most important things. You can better visualize your goals to focus on what you are doing that is important to you. Productivity is not just about work. It also gives you time to make the most of what you love.

When we have time for ourselves, we feel good. We also have time to get along with each other and meet our own needs. In this way, we send a positive message to our subconscious. A personal message that we are essential, and we improve our internal dialogue. Thinking about what we really enjoy is practicing self-care. The practice of discovering what we are passionate about and inspired by helps us understand ourselves better. When you are good to yourself, you may think you are selfish. But it actually gives you the resources you need to be compassionate to others as well.

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Why is Self-Care Important While You Are Working From Home?

Working from home requires a high level of comfort. Take the time to set up an ergonomic home office. Having a comfortable working space helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders. These can occur when working at the laptop for long periods of time. It also increases your cognitive engagement.

As we take care of ourselves, we become more aware of the body and its needs. What promotes physical and mental health promotes self-esteem. It also brings benefits in the medium and long term to maintain health and prevent disease.

What Does Self-Care at Work Look Like?

A self-care day means taking intentional actions at least once per week to take care of yourself. Choose a place where natural light is your main source of illumination. Research indicates that our sleep cycles and hormones benefit positively from light if your seat is near a window that promotes fresh air circulation, even better!

Remember that poor posture still plays an important role when working from home. The way you sit today will shape your body forever. It’s essential to choose an office chair that supports your body.

Get moving! A good option, for example, would be getting a height-adjustable desk or an ergonomic chair. Research recommends spending 30 minutes on your feet for every hour you sit. Practicing self-care should be your number one priority when working from home.

How Can My Team and I Get Back on Track if Our Self-Care Suffers?

The way to recover is to start practicing it! Start small, with minor steps. The tips you saw above can be a good starting point. Once you get the hang of it, you can grow into the world of self-care. Try to make time for yourself. Don’t think you’re already late! Get together with your workgroup and make a plan! This way, you can motivate each other to start taking better care of yourself!

Has Taking Time to Self-Care Affected My Income?

“If you think self-care is expensive, try burnout.”

Taking the necessary steps to take self-care should not affect your income in any way; it’s the other way around. The benefits of self-care will make you work better, much more effectively.

It will no longer be tedious to put in long hours of work. You will be much more relaxed and motivated. As a consequence, you will be much more efficient and productive. Your bosses will notice this, and you will surely be rewarded.

The Bottom Line

Self-Care entails taking the initiative to enhance your mental and physical health. It has been a hot topic in 2020. And now, given that many of us are working from home, it’s even more critical. That’s why it’s essential to take some time to reflect on how we behave, whether it be in our home, at work, and even on public roads. To take a look at what value we place on our own care. We also have to think, why we come to develop the habit of not paying attention to it.


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